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Eggsistential Crisis

by John Van Rys

Evan Mulder’s eggs were piling up. The small fridge on the porch was crammed with cartons stacked in a precise grid of rows and columns, like one of his spreadsheets. The kitchen fridge was stuffed with the overflow, to the annoyance of his wife Mae. And bowls of eggs were arranged around the family room (somewhat decoratively, Evan suggested to Mae) waiting to be cleaned and deposited in cartons. That is, if he could find cartons somewhere. He felt desperate enough to order some next-day delivery, though his Dutch cheapness balked at the idea. […]

Eggsistential Crisis2021-03-09T13:55:00-05:00

What Debbie Wants

by David Holloway

Debbie stepped into the elevator and saw the new resident, Max, leaning down and whispering in my ear. She grabbed him by the shoulder and pushed until he stumbled out into the hallway.

“Sharon doesn’t want you hanging around her!” she shouted in her warbling girlish voice.

“What in the hell are you doing?” I said as the doors crept closed. The elevators moved as slowly as the residents in Denver Golden Acres.

Nobody here is in a hurry for anything, so that’s just fine.

“I think they call it taking out the trash.” Debbie said. “Max gives me […]

What Debbie Wants2021-02-10T13:34:50-05:00
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