We believe these statements to be true, though we doubt very much that they are self-evident:

On Writing and Being a Writer

  1. Writing is a state of mind.
  2. Writing involves responding to the senses in a subconscious way.
  3. Being a writer doesn’t mean you actually have to write (or publish); instead, being a writer means being able to take what you’ve seen (or heard or touched or smelled or tasted) or experienced and relate that to other things that you or others might have experienced.
  4. Being a writer means seeing the hidden connections among things, events, and people.
  5. Being a writer means seeing things that are presented in a disorderly way and being able to order or re-order them so that the experience can be communicated to others.

Our Publishing Ethos

We believe there are many writers whose work has not had a chance to be appreciated, either because their style or content is not in step with what is currently being published or because they are just starting to write and haven’t yet found a suitable place for their work. These are the writers we are interested in reading and publishing.

On Readers

We believe that readers are hungry for insightful, evocative prose. We believe that readers have the patience to read for a length of time if both the style and story engage them.

We believe that wisdom and fresh insight can come at any age and that fiction can change the world, by opening one mind at a time.