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The Radical

by Julie McClement

Looking at my sister’s Instagram makes me feel hollow inside, but I can never stop returning to it—the same way I ran my tongue over the spot from a missing tooth as a kid. I tell myself I should cut back, but it’s a harmless vice, no worse than my occasional late-night drink.

Esther worships Audre Lorde, provides commentary on Beyoncé that verges on the Talmudic. These “yas queen” posts are interspersed with self-portraits of joyful resistance, always capturing her good side. The crimson of her Handmaid’s Tale costume matches the words drawn on her sign: […]

The Radical2022-11-15T09:43:22-05:00

Antler Handle Magnifying Glass Late 1800’s, Good Condition

by Emily Hunt

My memory has changed everything about you. It thinks you’re perfect. I buckle under the druggy weight of the lie, sometimes. Press awkwardly against the ground, happy and stupid beneath it. It thinks that when you first walked into my shop—collapsing your umbrella between us in slow revelation, careful amongst the worthless antiques—it was love at first sight and not, in fact, aversion. My memory forgets that. Forgets that I tried to resist, first. So unlikely, your gunshot taking of my world. Your bedraggled red dress with the little flowers; it dwells on that, my […]

Antler Handle Magnifying Glass Late 1800’s, Good Condition2022-10-13T07:44:19-05:00
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