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Blue Lines

by MJ Malleck

Liz knows the tattoo from one covert glance at her phone. She knows how the butterfly’s blue feelers wind around Ronnie’s wrist, how they circle the little knob bone. In the video, it seems her daughter is waving a full wineglass at the camera. If Matt’s texting her, it’s not good.

“Sorry mum, I knew she was on Twitch, but I thought she was gaming.”

Liz can’t just leave the meeting, can’t turn off her webcam to really look at what he’s sent. Thank god she’s muted and her manager is wrapping up. In spite of the […]

Blue Lines2022-03-17T08:40:52-05:00

Lesbians Living Alone Lonelier

by Valerie Free

Esther Rose was in the dressing gown that she didn’t change out of until “elevenses”—her homage to Belinda—when “Lesbians Living Alone Lonelier” loomed on her screen.

Her private pain wasn’t unique, but how much more forlorn and friendless was she than those widows, say, whose husbands swelled the morning obituaries? She double-clicked and down the Internet’s rabbit hole she hurried, her coffee tepid before she tumbled upon a new ministry for people just like her.

Before, Esther Rose would have scoffed at “Life Hacks to Beat Loneliness in One Week.” Today, the upbeat tone lured her for […]

Lesbians Living Alone Lonelier2022-02-16T15:11:20-05:00
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