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What Debbie Wants

by David Holloway

Debbie stepped into the elevator and saw the new resident, Max, leaning down and whispering in my ear. She grabbed him by the shoulder and pushed until he stumbled out into the hallway.

“Sharon doesn’t want you hanging around her!” she shouted in her warbling girlish voice.

“What in the hell are you doing?” I said as the doors crept closed. The elevators moved as slowly as the residents in Denver Golden Acres.

Nobody here is in a hurry for anything, so that’s just fine.

“I think they call it taking out the trash.” Debbie said. “Max gives me […]

What Debbie Wants2021-02-10T13:34:50-05:00

Small Change

by Alexina Dalgetty

Sharon Tavares glimpsed her reflection in the liquor store window. Not bad for fifty something. Her stretchy jeans and red leatherette jacket blossomed with stylish zing and the knock-off Sketchers, fifteen bucks on sale at Walmart, were comfortable. She smiled at her fortunately proportioned face—well-boned nose, exceptional puppy-dog brown eyes, and a mouth that piqued fantasy in at least one man a day—and figured today was going to be okay.

The air smelled raw with an undertone of yesterday’s boiled vegetables, and spring was fading into summer without glory; but walking to Fred’s Cheque Cashing, Sharon […]

Small Change2021-01-22T14:45:12-05:00
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