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The White Wolf

by Gary Thomson

When Vera Kincaid and her husband Wallace first saw the wolves, she wanted to paint them whereas he was eager to shoot them.

They followed the ridge line about a hundred metres back from the farm house, partially concealed by basswood trees that stood bare against the autumn light. Five of them, Vera counted. Russet and grey, walking in single line. The artist’s brush in Vera’s hand trembled like a dry leaf. Wallace held his axe at waist height. He tensed himself. “Just keep an eye peeled. Next time I’ll have my .30-30 ready.”

“They won’t hurt a soul,” Vera said. “They’re only looking for a place to den up for the winter. How often have we heard them back of the hills? They’re not looking to hurt anybody.”

Wallace went back to trimming the windfallen ash trees. With each lopped branch, he directed a […]

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