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A Needle Pulling Thread

by J.R. Johnson

Luani scanned the new Symphony Hall with an appreciative eye. After five years of refurbishment, untold cost overruns, and the inevitable discussion of whether art was worth it (in such perilous times), the building was finally complete.

Golden Quebec beech panelling angled through the hall to maximize acoustic reflection; high balcony walls curved like the sides of a ship; and the organ’s massive pipes glittered at the bow of the room. The organist perched in a crow’s nest halfway up to the soaring ceiling, a thin metal rail all that stood between her and empty space.

“Why waste time on a boondoggle,” Tino had said, “at the end of the world?” Her co-worker was a practical sort, packing the same peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch every day. He didn’t understand her need to visit the new hall.

She shrugged off her white lab coat and nodded towards the DNA analyzer. “Can you flip the samples for me? They’ll be done in fifty-seven minutes.” His nod allowed her to escape the lab’s fluorescent lights and dual-stage […]

April 21st, 2018|